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Thinking Fast And Slow by Daniel Kahneman

February 24, 2019 ยป 2 min read

This book is seriously good and I consider it a must-read for anyone.

If you are working in marketing, sales or communications or any craft where you need to use words to influence people, you have to read this. If you are working in academics and you conduct studies and research, you have to read this. If you are a project manager or a decision maker, you have to read this. If you are an investor, definitely read this. If you are an every-day person just trying to make the best out of your life: You too should read this.

Although the entire book is basically about statistics, the author expertly kept the math at a minimum and managed to put everything into easy to understand words, giving relateable real world examples or explaning exactly how certain studies were carried out.

The first two chapters are really fun. The author keeps asking you to perform certain thinking tasks and then goes on to describe EXACTLY what just went on in your brain and in pretty much 100% of all examples my brain acted exactly as predicted by the book. Amazing stuff.

Despite the accessible language, this book definitely is a bit dense. You will not read this and then put it down and know exactly how to improve your life. I think this is the kind of book that you will have in your personal collection for a long time and every now and then you will remember that there was some concept described that might now be relevant to your life and then you will return to this book and re-read that chapter. That's why I highly recommend to take notes and summarize each concept in this book. Then you can at least re-read your summary regularly.

I personally got a lot out of this. I manage teams, I plan large scale projects, I make investments, I try to establish good habits and maximise happiness in my life. This book has provided me with super valuable insights that will improve all these aspects of my life.

I can highly recommend this book. I read this as part of a book club and published my personal notes there.

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