Martin Brochhaus

Welcome to My Personal Blog

My name is Martin. I have been building web applications since 1998, but of course we didn't call it "web application" back then. I was born in Germany but I left the country in 2011 to marry my wife in Singapore.


I'm the founder of Bitlab Studio. We are a small but well established web agency based in Singapore (Pte Ltd) and Germany (GmbH). Our core competence is building web applications and mobile applications based on Django, GraphQL, React and ReactNative.

The Artling & Publishizer

At Bitlab Studio, we love to work with young startups and so it happened that I am working as the CTO of The Artling since 2015. During my time with The Artling, we also released Luxglove under the umbrella of The Artling and managed to raise $1.8m in series A funding.

Before I joined The Artling, I wrote the first version of Publishizer. As of today, this is probably one of our longest running web applications.

PyCon Singapore & Python User Group Singapore

Since 2013 I have been heavily involved with organizing the annual Python conference in Singapore. I also organize the monthly Python User Group Singapore meetup.


Since 2017 I have been giving introductory Python classes at General Assembly and through my engagement there I was invited to speak at various conferences and panel discussions in Singapore.


We are currently witnessing the transformation of our society from the industrial age into the information age. Crypto currencies play a major role in this process and will change virtually every aspect of life within the next 20 years or so, just like the internet did in the past 20 years. I have spent thousands of hours reading everything about Bitcoin there is to read and if time allows, I will become a bit more active in the space in 2019.

If you would like to send me a tip, here is my BTC address: 3Q2WiXSnA8Ba36GbFJZp1YFY4xT7ex9x9K


My main inspiration to finally take some time and setup a new blog came from Dan Abramov's new blog. I learned quite a bit from his repository, especially how to show code snippets in GatsbyJS.

The design and structure of this blog is heavily influenced by Amjad Masad's blog. However, I built it all myself, never looked at his codebase ;)

This blog is built with GatsbyJS and hosted on netlify, which are both pretty amazing tools.